1. Search engines to work on new anti-piracy code


    For many years now, movie-buffs have been logging on to the internet and hitting the torrent button to watch their favorite movie, sometimes even before the film's hit the screens. Come June 2017 and all those who've spent hours downloading their favourite movies,TV shows,music from torrents will be unable to do so.

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  2. Internet pirate given permanent NZ residency


    Permanent residency has been granted to a Filipino man living in Auckland who was ordered by a US court to pay $35 million for internet piracy.

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  3. Google, Yahoo, and Others Will Soon Ban Torrent Links in Search Results: Report


    When you take down one torrent site, another mirror site takes its place. This has been the regular trend to keep torrent sites like Kickass Torrents alive and active. And Google has inadvertently played a big role in informing people about these sites.

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  4. UK Digital Economy Bill Could Fuel ISP Targeting Internet Copyright Trolls


    The Open Rights Group has warned that new measures in the forthcoming Digital Economy Bill 2017 could provide ammunition to copyright trolls, which have made a business out of harassing broadband ISP subscribers with letters that demand payment for suspected Internet piracy.

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  5. Notorious piracy group Hive-CM8 returns with promise to release screeners


    A NOTORIOUS piracy group with potential links to Australia is once again promising to leak the Summer’s biggest movies ahead of the film industry’s award season.

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