1. US movie studios accuse NZ internet users of flocking to piracy sites


    Hollywood studios painted New Zealand as a hotbed of internet piracy in a submission to a government review that they tried to keep secret.

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  2. New service alerts you when a pirated movie leaks online


    STATISTICS from Google highlight a victory for rights holder in the war against online piracy, but does a new service prove their efforts might be futile?

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  3. UK ISPs to Send Internet Piracy Warning Letters from Early 2017


    After years of waiting, the Government’s long-held plan to force major broadband ISPs into issuing warning letters / emails to customers, specifically those suspected of having engaged in online copyright infringement (Internet piracy), looks set to get underway from early 2017.

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  4. Blackcat Games Domain Seized by UK Anti-Piracy Police


    Long-standing private torrent site Blackcat-Games appears to be in legal trouble. The gaming-focused site has been non-operational all day and during the past few hours its domain began redirecting to a server operated by the UK's Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit.

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  5. Right holders and movie industry primed for major piracy crackdown in Australia, says Graham Burke


    THE boss of Australian movie distributor Village Roadshow has doubled down in the fight against pirates with a scathing speech decrying the rise of illegal downloading among young Australians and promising to put an end to it.

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