1. Survey finds 35.8 percent of PC Gamers pirate


    PC Gamer ran an anonymous survey to discover how widespread PC game piracy is and why gamers are doing it. The survey ran for two weeks and received a whopping 50,742 responses from gamers living in dozens of countries around the world. 

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  2. World’s largest music stream ripping site faces international legal action


    London and Washington, DC, 26th September 2016 – Organisations representing record companies in the US and UK took legal action today against, the world’s largest site dedicated to offering illegally “stream ripped” music.  Both the site and its operator have generated millions of dollars without paying any remuneration to artists and rights holders. The activities also breach YouTube’s Terms of Service.

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  3. Is EU digital copyright reform a Google news tax?


    Many of us have changed our reading habits from hardcopy newspapers and magazines to digital and online services from social media and news aggregators. In the process the original writer, journalist or newspaper owner who developed the content has been lost, ignored and deprived of income due.

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  4. Microsoft sues repeat software pirate who owes company $1.2M from prior case


    Microsoft has sued a Wisconsin man for allegedly selling stolen Windows and Office activation codes, claiming in court documents that he is a repeat pirate who still owes the company $1.2 million from an earlier judgment.

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  5. Swedish ISP Attacks Copyright Trolls, Over Trademark Infringement


    Swedish Internet service provider Bahnhof is launching a direct attack against Spridningskollen, the group that's spearheading the copyright trolling efforts in Sweden. Bahnhof accuses the anti-piracy outfit of trademark infringement and demands the shutdown of its website.

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